Update from March to September

It’s been a busy couple of months: since March, I’ve taken on non-profit freelance, I’ve been contacted for potential animation jobs, and I’ve been working on my physical health through roller derby. Soon after finishing my freelance jobs, I ended up involved in Jasper’s project, “The Supper Table,” where I rotoscoped a tribute to Althea Gibson the same year as the unveiling of her statue in New York during the US open.

The ride’s been wild and I’ve learned a lot—most important, I’ve prioritized working on my own projects rather than as an artist-for-hire. With a full-time job during the week, there’s only so much time I can give myself to work on creative projects and, when they aren’t something important to me, I feel stifled.

Here’s to what the future holds: I’ve got a lot of ideas and need to plan accordingly to follow through on them.

Thanks for visiting the blog, it’s mostly for me. Journaling is healthy, highly recommended.

March is gonna be a big ol break

I've just begun a full-time job at Interactive Data Visualization and am in the process of moving and getting settled into Columbia again so I'll be a bit more casual this month. February was rough so it's also a bit of a recovery period. Thanks for following along and for all of the support that came with sharing that story.

February's here and love can go suck an egg

This month's theme on Instagram is love and I'll be digging into my archives from a year of turmoil and occasionally stepping outside of the realm of illustration to explore the idea of love and how it brings out the best and worst of us (or mainly me, because everyone does this thing differently and boy oh boy I hope this isn't the average person's experience with it.) 


Here's a sneak peak of some of the photo collab with @picto.powers.photography




Instagram and Monthly Illustration Themes

The first place you can find me is on Instagram as Katlyhong

I'll be posting there regularly with monthly themes to keep the old wheels spinning.

For the month of January, I'll be posting 31 rough illustrations based on my New Year's Resolutions. They say if you tell people, you're less likely to follow through, but I'm not saying anything, I'm drawing it.

Happy New Year! Time to get this party started. 

Website Building in Progress

Currently preparing and cleaning illustrations, working on video projects, and otherwise preparing website for full operation.

In 2018 this blog will serve as a repository for updates, miscellaneous artworks, and works in progress. Until then, let this otherwise empty blog be representative of the spaces we allow ourselves to grow into; a receptacle for unrealized potential, a lil string tied around your finger that you look at and go, "oh yeah, that thing."